New Zealand lolly cake

This New Zealand favorite won’t do anything for your waistline, but tastes really yummy and is so easy to make. It’s perfect as a colorful special treat for kids parties.

  • Prep Time

    25 Minutes
  • Cook Time

    5 Minutes
  • Serves

    10-12 People


  • 220g butter, melted
  • 500g malt biscuits
  • 395g can condensed milk
  • 4 cups mini coloured marshmallows or any other soft lollies you like
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup desiccated coconut
  • spray olive oil

You'll Need

  • Multix Large Freezer Bags
  • Multix Bake
  • Multix Cling


  1. Grease a large loaf tin and line it with Multix Bake.
  2. Using 2 large Multix Freezer Bags (1 inside the other) crush the biscuits finely with a rolling pin. Transfer the crushed biscuits to a large mixing bowl with the salt and marshmallows. In a microwave safe bowl, on a very low heat, melt the butter and then gently stir the melted butter into the condensed milk to warm it through. Pour the warmed butter and condensed milk mixture into the bowl with the biscuits and marshmallows. Stir with a large metal spoon until totally combined.
  3. Knead the mixture until it holds together. Sprinkle a large board or clean bench top generously with coconut, then roll the mixture in it thoroughly. Shape the cake with your hands so it roughly fits the loaf tin. Press firmly into the tin, smooth the top and cover with cling film. Refrigerate until ready to cut and serve.
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