Multix Greener Plant Based Degradable Kitchen Tidy Bag Large 20pk

Made with 60% plant based material. Designed to fit large bins up to 34L, size 71x58cm.

Available in

Multix products are available at leading supermarkets. Ranging may vary from store to store so please contact your local store directly to confirm that the product you are looking for is available.


Multix Greener Plant Based Degradable Kitchen Tidy Bags are made from 60% plant-based material, a renewable resource from the sugarcane industry.
– These bags help to reduce demand for petroleum-derived plastic and break down when exposed to the environment.
– Better for the environment, without compromising on quality.
– Handy ties for easy use.
– Designed to fit medium bins up to 27L, size 66x51cm.

Handy Hints

Size matters. Cut food scraps into smaller pieces to speed up composting process.
For best results, use before 18 months from manufacture date. See data on bag.

Storage Instructions + Warnings

To avoid suffocation, keep bags out of reach of children. Wrap broken glass and sharp objects to prevent injury to persons handling the bags.