Multix Stand Up Drawtight Clean Up Bags 3 pack

3 Stand Up Drawtight Clean Up Bags. They stand unsupported and are extra thick, strong and reliable. Size: 75cm x 75cm.


Convenient stand up bag makes tidying up quick & easy. They are extra thick, strong & reliable material for tough clean ups and have drawtight closure for easy disposal.

Handy Hints

Multix Handy Tips:

  • Use drawtight handles to open and close for multiple use. Use bag as a cover to protect large objects.
  • Avoid overfilling the bag.

Multix Stand Up Clean Bags:

  • Open bottom of bag to form stand up base.
  • Open top of bag and push sides out.
  • Bag will now stand up unsupported.
  • Pull drawtight handles to close and tie bag.

Storage Instructions + Warnings

To avoid suffocation, keep bags out of reach of children. Wrap broken glass and sharp objects to prevent injury to persons handling the bags.