Multix Resealable Portion Control Snack Bags 60 pack

60 Multix Resealable Portion Control Snack Bag make portion control easier and are great for monitoring your consumption. Size: 9cm x 14cm.

Available in

Multix products are available at leading supermarkets. Ranging may vary from store to store so please contact your local store directly to confirm that the product you are looking for is available.


Portion control bags allow you to accurately monitor food consumption. They have handy measurements that serve as a guide as to how much you have packed and consumed. Ideal for use when dieting and monitoring portion control and for snacks on the go.

Contains no PVC or plasticisers. BPA free.

Handy Hints

  • Allow steam to escape when microwaving in bag.
  • Please remove air in bag when freezing.

Storage Instructions + Warnings

To avoid suffocation keep bags out of reach of children.