Multix Greener Sandwich Bags 75 pack

75 degradable and resealable plastic sandwich bags. Size: 18cm x 17cm.


Multix Greener Plastic Sandwich Bags are degradable and break down when exposed to the environment. Strong zip lock seals tight to lock in freshness. Contains no PVC or plasticisers. BPA free.

a Greener Future…
We all lead busy lives and it can be difficult to make the right choices when we are shopping. At Multix we want to make it easy to choose household products that reduce the impact on the environment.

Handy Hints

  • Allow steam to escape when microwaving in bag.
  • Please remove air in bag when freezing.

Storage Instructions + Warnings

To avoid suffocation, keep bags out of reach of children. Wrap broken glass and sharp objects to prevent injury to persons handling the bags.