Multix Commercial Baking Paper 120m x 30cm

Multix Commercial Non Stick Baking Paper is ideal for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Commercial Catering. Size: 120m x 30cm wide.


Use Multix Bake in a variety of helpful ways:

  • Multix Bake’s perfect for rolling pastry and dough.
  • Multix Bake is suitable for conventional and microwave ovens (heat resistant to 220°C/430°F).
  • Keep Baking Paper clear of naked flames and heating elements.
  • When baking, use Multix Bake to line your trays or cake tins.
  • Multix Bake, as wrapping or cover, keeps parcels and baked dishes moist and flavoured by sealing in juices.
  • Make your own quick and easy icing bags with Multix Bake.
  • With no need to grease, Multix Bake is ideal for fat-free cooking.