Multix Cling 300m x 33cm

Multix Cling sticks tight and has an easy slide cutter bar. Size: 300m x 33cm wide.

Available in

Multix products are available at leading supermarkets. Ranging may vary from store to store so please contact your local store directly to confirm that the product you are looking for is available.


Ideal for big households, clubs & groups. It keeps food protected when outdoors and retains freshness for longer. Contains no PVC or plasticisers. BPA free.

Handy Hints

  • Multix Cling is suitable for all microwave ovens. Fold back at corner to allow steam to escape.
  • Multix Cling is not suitable for use in browning units, combination or conventional ovens.
  • Avoid contact with hot fatty foods, particularly meat.

Easy slide cutter bar set-up.

  • Open one end of the box and remove Easy Slide Cutter Bar from inside the core.
  • Stick in position.┬áRemove adhesive and stick Easy Slide Cutter Bar in position shown on box.
  • Cut cling film. Pull film over easy slide cutter bar. Slide in either direction to cut film.