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Video 30

May 4, 2016

basic Italian pizza dough (in 30 seconds)

Is Friday night pizza night at your house? Here’s a great recipe for basic pizza dough that you could start tonight and finish tomorrow – just in time for Friday night pizza! We have a great topping ideas to share as well. Now if you’ve…

May 4, 2016

Some of our favourites to bake

We know our readers are passionate about baking, so we’d like to share some of our favourite cake recipes. Whether you’re baking for fun or bake for a living, baking is therapeutic and an opportunity to be creative. In fact, some of the most amazing cakes we’ve…

April 29, 2016

southern style devilled chicken drumsticks (in 30 seconds)

These spicy chicken drumsticks are so moreish we recommend you make double qualities. No one can eat one and not go back for more. It’s also a good idea to serve them with lots of napkins because they are so sticky and juicy. Did we…

April 25, 2016

giant sausage egg and bacon rolls (in 30 seconds)

These giant sausage, egg and bacon rolls are inspired by the kiwi classic and British scotch egg. They are absolutely delicious and great for bunches, lunches, picnics and dinner too. Serve with garden salad and a tasty tomato relish. giant sausage, egg and bacon rolls…

April 24, 2016

sticky chicken drumsticks (in 30 seconds)

Full of eastern allure these sticky chicken drumsticks are easy to make, fragrant and incredibly tasty and can be cooked in the oven or on the BBQ. Best of all really affordable. sticky chicken drumsticks 8 chicken drumsticks, skin on 3 tablespoons strong flavoured honey…

April 16, 2016

Oven baked mushroom herb risotto (in 30 seconds)

Simple and easy to make this oven baked mushroom herb risotto is creamy texture and is full of flavour but without the fuss of standing and stirring a risotto. This clever cheat’s oven baked risotto (it’s the way the chefs make it) is a definite…

April 10, 2016

chocolate Nutella cupcakes (in 30 seconds)

Chocolate Nutella cupcakes – who doesn’t love the taste of Nutella? And who doesn’t love a cupcake? It has been said that ‘Nutella is like happiness in a jar’. Then our chocolate Nutella cupcakes are like heaven in patty pans. chocolate Nutella cupcakes 11/3 cups…

April 9, 2016

lamingtons (in 30 seconds)

An iconic favourite with a complicated lineage. Nothing beats homemade Lamingtons or Wellingtons, and these are easy to make and taste delicious. lamingtons for the sponge 125g butter ½ cup caster sugar 1½ cup self raising flour ½ cup plain flour 2 eggs ½ cup…

April 2, 2016

raspberry and coconut slice (in 30 seconds)

Our raspberry and coconut slice is the ultimate café favourite – delicious biscuit base with a raspberry jam filling and deliciously sweet coconut topping! It’s scrumptious and very easy to make. Unlike the popular New Zealand Louise cake, the topping for this raspberry and coconut slice…