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Handy Hints



Alfoil Pouches

Multix Alfoil pouches are ideal for single people and busy families. In most cases they can be prepared ahead and frozen. Simply remove the prepared pouch from the fridge or freezer and pop in the oven. You can have a whole week’s meals prepared and ready to go!


BBQ Kebabs

When making Kebabs or satays for the BBQ and you’ve forgotten to soak the skewers beforehand, don’t worry – just wrap the exposed ends in strips of Multix Alfoil!


Fresher BBQ Salads

To keep your salads crisp and fresh for the life of the BBQ, cover your salad inside and out with Multix Alfoil. At serving time, simply remove the top cover. The Alfoil covered bowl will ensure that your salad stays fresh and crisp.


Keep your BBQ clean

Covering the grill or BBQ plate with Multix Alfoil makes cleaning up easier, and don’t forget that Multix Alfoil scrunched up into a ball makes a great scourer for cleaning up afterward!



Easy Citrus Rind

Use Multix Bake to line a grater when you want to get rind from a lemon or orange, the Multix Bake lifts off easily so you get more grated rind without the mess!



Line an ordinary cake tin with Multix Bake, no need for any butter or oil. Your cake will turn out with absolutely no sticking and the paper peels away from the cake quite freely.


Rolling pastry and dough

Multix Bake makes rolling out pastry and dough much simpler. Place a sheet on either side of the dough whilst rolling. Multix Bake has a sturdiness which prevents it from tearing and a slippery surface that helps the dough to spread without forcing.


Parcel meals

Multix Bake can be used for successful fat free pouch cooking in both the microwave and conventional oven. Use the same method as making a foil pouch to ensure an adequate seal to keep in the juices and steam.


Lining pastry cases

Use Multix Bake to line unfilled pastry cases and weight with dried beans or rice to cook blind.


Easy Melted Chocolate

An easy way to melt chocolate with no mess is to put it in a Multix Piping Bag and melt it in the microwave. Once it is completely melted, snip the end of the bag and start decorating. Any chocolate not used, can be stored in the bag, in the fridge and re-melted later.



Jams and Chutneys

When making homemade jams and chutneys, use a double layer of Multix Cling under the lid instead of cellophane seals. The cling perfectly seals the the jar and as the Multix Cling protects from bacteria, your jams will last a lot longer.


Marinating Meat

To avoid preparing excessive marinade, place the meat in a Multixware (plastic container with a sealable lid). Periodically turn the container over and expose the other side of the meat to the marinade. The same results may be accomplished by placing the meat and marinade in a Multix Resealable Bag. However, be careful, any sharp edges could puncture the bag and ‘marinate your refrigerator’!



Place mince in a Multix Freezer Bag and press to flatten. This allows mince to thaw quicker and more evenly than when it is frozen in a lump.
Wrap muffins and cakes in a double layer of Multix Cling, then in Multix Alfoil. Store together in a Multix Freezer Bag.
Place burgers and patties in single layers between Multix Freezer Bags in an airtight container. This makes them easy to separate.
Cook lasagne and pasta bakes in Multix Roasting Trays. Cool. Cover with a double layer of Multix Cling, then in Multix Alfoil and freeze.


Air Travel

For all international flights out of Australia any liquid being carried onboard the plane need to be stored in a resealable bag no bigger than 20cm x 20cm. Multix has this covered with both our Resealable Sandwich Bag and Freezer Storage Bag.



How do I obtain a free dispenser hook?

You can obtain a free Multix dispenser hook by clicking here or by ringing free call 1800 335 125 in Australia and 0800 441 982 in New Zealand.


Can I use Multix Bake in my frying pan?

For fat free cooking of foods, line your frying pan with Multix Bake – no need to add oil. The food will successfully brown without sticking at all. Also Multix Bake can be used in a sandwich maker – no need to add butter or margarine.
However, you must take care to keep the pan at an even temperature, as the paper may darken at high temperatures.


Can I use Multix Cling in the microwave?

Multix Cling is microwave safe, but not suitable for use in browning units or conventional ovens. Multix Cling can be used in the microwave to cover items when you want to hold in all the steam. Its strength and ‘clinginess’ ensure that it doesn’t move during cooking. Always be careful when you remove the cling as the steam released can cause a burn.


What is freezer burn?

Freezer burn can happens when food hasn’t been tightly wrapped for freezing. Always expel as much air from the bag as possible when packing food.
Freezer burn is recognisable by the white or grey patches that appear when an exposed surface of the food loses moisture and dries.
Multix Freezer Bags are specifically designed to be moisture and vapour resistant.


Can I use Multix Greaseproof Paper in the microwave?

Multix Greaseproof Paper can be used for covering foods in the microwave. Use it in cases where you need a light covering to hold in steam or if something is likely to spit and splatter, e.g. bacon. Just cover the food; no need to seal the edges.


Can I use Multix Bake in the microwave?

Multix Bake can be used for successful fat free pouch cooking in both microwave and conventional ovens.


Can I use Multix Freezer Bags in the microwave?

Multix Freezer Bags are suitable for covering dishes in the microwave. A timesaving idea is to simply place your vegetables into a freezer bag, twist it closed and fold under, pop straight into the microwave and cook- no dishes to wash. (NB: do not use a twist tie in the microwave as they contain metal).
Multix new range of Freezer Bags with handles can be used in the microwave and no twist tie is necessary.
Always be careful when you open the freezer bag as the steam released can cause a burn.


Can I use Multix Alfoil in the microwave?

Yes, you can use Multix Alfoil in the microwave provided you follow some simple guidelines.


  • The foil must be keep away from the oven wall. Make sure you don’t leave any corners or exposed edges of the dish. As with the wire in a twist tie, this can cause ‘arcing’ – which can damage the oven walls and cause fire.
  • Microwaving cannot penetrate foil, so you can use it to prevent food cooking too quickly, for instance the wings on a whole chicken. Just cover the wings, securing the foil with a toothpick and remove 2/3 of the way through cooking for a perfect result.

Similarly, you can use foil when you are defrosting if only a portion of the frozen item is required. Wrap the frozen item (making sure not to leave any loose pieces of foil) leaving the required portion exposed.


What is foil melt?

Foil melt can occur with foods that have a high acidic and/or salt content, such as spaghetti sauce, preserved meats or meatloaf. If they are covered with foil while they are still warm, the steam rising off the food takes with it the acids and salts as it rises and this in turn can react with the foil.
To avoid this, allow foods to cool completely before covering them with foil.
Foil melt can also occur if you cover a stainless steel dish with foil. A reaction can occur between the two metals causing the foil to dissolve. To prevent this happening allow the dish to cool, then place a layer of Multix Cling Wrap between the dish and the foil, before storing.


Which side of the Multix Alfoil should I use?

Multix Alfoil will actually perform either way that you use it. For optimum results, we suggest that it is best to wrap the shiny side in for freezing and storing, and the shiny side out when reflecting qualities are desired such as covering the griller tray.


Is Multix an Australian company?

Multix is owned by McPherson’s Limited, a publicly owned company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.


Where can I buy Multix products?

Multix products can be bought in all major supermarkets around Australia. If you have any difficulty obtaining a particular Multix item, contact Multix on 1800 335 125 and let us know.


What sort of products do Multix make?

Multix make a range of products including:

  • Freezer Bags
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Cling Wrap
  • Baking Paper
  • Foil Trays
  • Sandwich Bags
  • Kitchen Tidy Bags
  • Garbage Bags
  • Garden Bags
  • Trolley Bin Liners
  • Clean Up Bags